Triple Jims

Triple Jims is a local juice making company that has been located in the Fraser Valley for over 35 years. Started by the Jim “Triple Jim” Henderson in 1979 the company specializes in Organic Apple cider made with local BC grown Organic Apples and boasts a product list of 17 locally grown fruit flavours. Family … Read more Triple Jims

The Ginger People

At The Ginger People, our mission is to be the most trusted ginger brand in the world through quality, innovation, social responsibility, education and commitment. We are a family of people who seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthful ginger products. By partnering with farmers and producers in the premier growing regions of the world, we support communities and create loyal relationships with those around us. … Read more The Ginger People

Anita’s Organics

At the heart of 25 years of Anita’s Organics commitment to the organic food movement is the health and wellness of their community, and their home. With every step they carefully consider the impact they have, and the reasons they operate. This is the way they have chosen to walk, to grow, and to live. With every … Read more Anita’s Organics

Gathering Place Trading

Gathering Place Trading is a BC family business founded on Cortes Island in 2003. Owners and founders Lovena and Ryan Harvey have made it their mission to source the freshest organic spices and herbs from around the world. They carefully select the farmers and suppliers to partner with, favouring family farms and co-operatives who share … Read more Gathering Place Trading

hOMe Grown Living Foods

hOMe Grown Living Foods was founded in 2008 with a passion to provide nutrient dense, organic, sprouted, raw, plant-based, gluten & grain free, ketogenic snacks to fuel an active lifestyle. Based in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, they make all their products by hand in small batches on their land. Staying immersed in nature … Read more hOMe Grown Living Foods

Cullen’s Foods

Cullen’s Foods sells five different types of pulses, organically grown across three Canadian provinces by over a dozen farmers on more than 500 acres. Every Cullen’s product – dried and canned – is traceable by lot code right back to the farmer who grew it at Ben Cullen takes joy in connecting the pieces … Read more Cullen’s Foods


GoBio! specializes in organic gourmet candies that are nut, lactose, and gluten free. They have no artificial colours or flavours and are non-GMO.

Tradin – Paraguay & Argentina

Tradin’s organic chia growers are a collection of independent co-ops and farms. They are located in different regions across southern Paraguay and northern Argentina. These farmers specialize in chia but also grow a variety of other crops such as sesame, peanuts, beans, amaranth, quinoa, soy, herbs, and dried citrus peels. They use sustainable practices such … Read more Tradin – Paraguay & Argentina

Floating Leaf Wild Rice

Floating Leaf Wild Rice stick to the principles their forefathers built the company on: trust, loyalty, and the promise of providing the highest quality wild rice. Floating Leaf Wild Rice is committed to ecological sustainability because they believe wild rice is a precious Canadian resource—with sole samples dating back thousands of years!

Lotus Foods

Lotus Foods is a certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation) meaning they are committed to using their business for social and environmental change. Their “More Crop Per Drop” program helps small scale farmers to double or triple their yield while using 80-90% less seed and 50% less water.

Tradin Organic

Tradin’s organic cashews are grown in Vietnam. The cashews are sourced from a farm located in the Bu Dang district of the Binh Phuoc province and has been certified organic since 1998. Some organic farming techniques they use are growing legumes as a soil cover crop, using a targeted integrated pest management system, and fertilizing … Read more Tradin Organic

Sowden Bros

The old-fashioned traditions of hard work, integrity and service, have long been the mainstays of their business model for success. For over 30 years, these have been the ingredients of the success for the Sowden Bros., an organic farming operation that grows approximately 350 acres of certified organic prunes in the heart of the Sacramento … Read more Sowden Bros

Green Valley

The Green Valley Pecan Company’s story began in 1946 when Keith Walden realized his childhood dream of purchasing a farm. In 2000 the farm’s manager felt that organic would be an important direction to head in, so they started trying out organic farming methods: practices include water conservation and recycling nut shells to create compost. … Read more Green Valley

Patience Fruit & Co

Patience Fruit & Co is a leading supplier of organic berries, but remembers its small town roots in organic farming. Founders, Martin Le Moine and Marcel Pilotte started Canada’s first organic cranberry farm in 1993. They also helped pioneer organics in Canada by working with ECOCERT and others to build organic certifications.

Dixon Ridge Farms

At Dixon Ridge Farms, the Lesters use no-till cover crops, integrated pest management, composted manure, an energy efficient sprinkler system, recycled packaging, and solar panels. They also found a way to turn leftover walnut shells into electricity and gas that goes back into the process of drying and processing their walnuts.