Tradin’s organic chia growers are a collection of independent co-ops and farms. They are located in different regions across southern Paraguay and northern Argentina. These farmers specialize in chia but also grow a variety of other crops such as sesame, peanuts, beans, amaranth, quinoa, soy, herbs, and dried citrus peels. They use sustainable practices such as manual cleaning, crop rotation, growing cover crops, not using chemicals, soil testing, and tracking batch traceability. The farmers also undergo periodic organic farming training and regular inspections. The transition to organic farming has helped increase organic product sales out of these regions, stimulated higher efficiency processing techniques, and promoted a better understanding of growing organically year round. Organic farming has allowed these growers to uniquely identify with the region which has helped increase their quality of life as well as lower the environmental impact of their operations. Organic practices have aided in promoting the protection of farming lands and the surrounding environment.