Tradin’s organic cashews are grown in Vietnam. The cashews are sourced from a farm located in the Bu Dang district of the Binh Phuoc province and has been certified organic since 1998. Some organic farming techniques they use are growing legumes as a soil cover crop, using a targeted integrated pest management system, and fertilizing crops with organic compost. The head cashew farmer said he was motivated to become an organic farmer to live closer to nature and be in harmony with other living things. Transitioning to organic farming meant working with nature instead of using external inputs which can work against nature. In his experience, although an organic harvest can at times yield less than a conventional one, choosing organic helps him to save on expensive agrochemicals and to be healthier overall. Those working on the farm say organic farming gives them a sense of peace and happiness and they would “certainly recommend it to everyone because it provides an opportunity to understand the ecosystem closely and leave an unpolluted land to the new generation.” To them, an organic farming system is beneficial because it reduces the costs of production and gives a higher economic value to the end product. As well, it has improved their animal husbandry practices and bee apiary. They have also been able to keep surrounding areas free from synthetic chemicals. As organic farmers they have seen firsthand the positive impacts of conserving local bio-diversity, soil, and water, and maintaining a sound ecosystem.