At the heart of 25 years of Anita’s Organics commitment to the organic food movement is the health and wellness of their community, and their home. With every step they carefully consider the impact they have, and the reasons they operate. This is the way they have chosen to walk, to grow, and to live. With every year that passes, their dedication will be just as their grains are: pure, simple, and always organic.

Like baking, their process is traditional. Their grains come from Canadian farmers, and are milled in Chilliwack, BC. On any given day, they are working with up to 23 different whole grains; each variety carefully selected to be milled, sprouted, or blended for the purpose of nourishment and enjoyment for the home-baker, or the pro-baker alike. By keeping temperatures low and taking their time, they keep the whole grain nutrition intact. Whole grain goes in, whole grain nutrition comes out.